In English

Cycling. I am not a morning person, but this is a thing you can wake me up for at 7am! Sixteen I was, on my first bicycle trip in The Netherlands and Belgium, looking for quiet spots in nature, but also for a real clog maker, eel fisherman or a pub with atmospheric lamp shades.

So it made sense, writing about cycling. On the news desk of a local newspaper I struggled finding my place. Everything had to go so quick, typing three articles a day, quickly ring someone for a few quotes and then forward to the next news report.

I prefer taking the time for a story. And choose slow travel. Mostly on the bicycle, but walking along the cliffs of Donegal, swimming in the Swiss Aare or sailing through the canals of Paris is fantastic as well.

On my way I make travel stories (text and photos) for Dutch newspapers Trouw and NRC, Irish newspaper The Irish Times, Belgium newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws, Dutch magazines FietsActief (means ‘cycling active’), Vogelvrije Fietser (mean ‘Cyclist as free as a bird’) and Zin, and Belgian magazine Pasar.

On YouTube you can follow my adventures through the channel Fietsvlogger. I write blogs for my website Mooiste Fietsroutes (‘Most Beautiful Cycling Routes’).